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Moon Rabbit® Si Sen Brown Rice Powder

Decades of unsurpassed trust; Singapore-made baby food  Moon Rabbit Brand Si Sen Brown Rice Powder is founded in Singapore, on a mission of providing pure and nutritious baby food, made specially for our children. Working with nutritionist and pediatricians, we focus on getting nutrients from natural ingredients and to derive nutritional benefits, necessary for healthy growth and development. We believe our children deserve the best. Products are made with no use of synthetic ingredients, additives, salt, sugar or preservatives. With Moon Rabbit Brand, our children get wholesome purity, right from the start.

Start, Naturally. Wholegrain Goodness

Start weaning, Start Natural. We are passionate in our stand in giving our child a very natural start. Products are made to be soft texture, delicate on the stomach and easy to digest for the child gentle progression into weaning. Products are made with nutrients from natural food; ensuring a right mix of ingredients for the optimal nutritional benefits in the child's healthy growth and development.

Our Commitment

We are continually improving in our processes and advancement in the manufacturing of food for our little ones. Throughout the years, our factory has undergone many phases of improvement and where our products are continuing improving with no compromising on freshness, quality and taste. With the same passion and commitment, Moon Rabbit continues to venture worldwide as the natural choice of weaning food made from natural ingredients; steep in tradition, but modern in nutritional science.


Moon Rabbit® range of Si Sen Brown Rice Powder is produced with the highest degree of attention to quality and safety. Products are manufactured and distributed directly, and as such we are able to maintain affordable price with no marketing mark-up.
• Optimal Nutrients Locked-In
Working with nutritionists and key field experts, we are able to maintain the freshness of our products and to lock in a balanced mix of Si Sen Brown Rice for optimal nutrient level.
• HACCP and GMP Preparation
Products are prepared in a closely monitored HACCP (Hazard analysis) & GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) environment. This certification ensures world leading standards are adopted; from selection of raw materials, processing, to the final product and of which are to maintain within the highest standard of food safety and quality in baby food.
• Quality Assurance
Products are sent for quality analysis which include the testing of potential harmful residues. No product is released until our quality assurance department approves laboratory results, ensuring we meet the strict standards in baby’s food.
• Halal Certified
Moon Rabbit Brand range of Si Sen Brown Rice products are also Singapore MUIS halal certified to suit varied consumer needs.
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