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It is recommended to introduce Si Sen Brown Rice powder to your baby when he or she is at least 4 months old and shows sign of readiness for food.

Starts early can enhance baby acceptance of food and enable proper jaw development. Progress to a richer taste and texture, and introduce varieties as the baby grows and develops.

For young babies, always start with serving size half of his usual milk serving, and prepare to a thin liquid for feeding. Mix with the usual milk for gentle progression. Increase serving size and mix to a thicker paste gradually.

For beginners:
1 Prepare mixture to a thin liquid, by adding more water.
2 To the prepared mixture, add some amount of infant usual milk, for a natural progression from milk feeds.
Texture shall be such that it is only slightly thicker than milk and is able to pour off easily from the spoon into baby’s mouth.

3 Test the temperature before feeding the baby.

Progression to spoon feeds:
1 When the baby is 6 months or older, mix the powder to a thicker paste by adjusting the amount of water when stirring. Start with approx. 6 scopes of Si Sen Brown Rice powder, and add in the baby's usual milk.

2  Meal can be served stand-alone or mixed with mashed vegetables, fruits, soft food or milk.

General Weaning Tips

Semi-solid or solid foods are much filling on baby’s stomach as compared to milk intake.
For baby newly exposed to semi-solid food, always starts with serving size that is less than his usual
milk serving. Do not rush and always start with 1 food first, once daily, Increase serving size gradually when the baby gets hungry more often. Varieties with Ikan Bilis or Ginseng provides the essential nutrients for strong bone, teeth, healthy eye and brain development.

Due to its natural characteristic, mixture will become lumpy with the sudden contact of hot water. Hot water is to be added slowly and stirred while adding. Amount of hot water can be varied to obtain the texture required.

Alternatively, you may mix the powder first with slight amount of lukewarm water, stir well and then add in the hot water (for instant mix).

Definitely yes! Its nutritional values and benefits are well suited for healthy growing. For school-going children, Si Sen Brown Rice powder (its series) serves as a nutritional breakfast to begin their morning with and packs with enough energy for their brain.

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